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King Pixel Digital Marketing Advertising Agency in Adelaide

Done for you
marketing services
for busy business owners
and marketing teams


We can help you increase your
Leads, Bookings, Visitation 

or Online Sales 

With Social Media Advertising & Google Ads

Plus Content Creation Services 
Blogging + Email Marketing

We build websites & online funnels
- improving your end to end customer journey online

Speak to us for Shopify Klaviyo Em
ail, SMS & Chat Strategy

King Pixel Digital Marketing

marketing that converts


We help retail, fashion & beauty businesses grow by increasing traffic to eCommerce stores, optimising the shopping experience and customer nurture to improve returns on ad spend driving more profit for business owners.

We offer an advanced pre and post purchase Messenger/SMS chatbot strategy + implementation service for Shopify eCommerce stores. Increase your on-site conversion rate, save on customer service costs AND give an exceptional customer experience with 186 automated flows.

We grow hospitality & wine tourism ventures by increasing customer visitation through social media funnels and digital advertising to maximise revenue for business owners.

We help with lead generation by using online funnel methods and lead nurturing to achieve new clients and customers so that you can hit your growth goals.

Help with growth starts here! 

Digital Marketing Agency Adelaide | eCommerce Marketing Agency


for marketing that converts

Would you like to achieve better returns on your investment in marketing? 

Establishing a funnel strategy is like turning on a tap driving new leads, clients, bookings, visitation or sales whenever you need.  If you need help with your marketing strategy with done for you service, we can help you grow faster with new leads, bookings, visitation or sales.

Hear what our client thinks about King Pixel after 7x her business's monthly revenue in less than 3 months.


with the eCommerce Starter System

Social Media Advertising Services

'Always On' Lead Pipeline


Shopify eCommerce Marketing and Advertising services | Klaviyo email automation set up services and email marketing services

eComm Strategy For Success


Advertising agency | Google advertising services | LinkedIn advertising services | Pinterest advertising services | TikTok advertising services | Facebook ads | Instagram ads

Results You’ll Love


Digital content creation services | outsourced blogging service | email marketing service | social media management

Let Us Handle Everything


Testimonial for King Pixel Digital Marketing

Jane Sutherland, Founder

My beauty & skin clinic business is over 3 years old and I have spent/wasted thousands of dollars (upwards of $30K) using SEO companies that claim they can generate business and PR companies who have no integrity and no understanding of my business (nor did they care).  Sarah Jane is a breath of fresh air – at last someone who is genuine, knows what she is doing, understands my business and has generated many leads and conversions in a very short time!

Testimonial for King Pixel Digital Marketing

Lana Vickridge-Smith, CEO

What an authentic digital marketing agency! We used King Pixel to optimise our brand awareness and to implement a new social media funnel for event ticket sales for StartCon, the largest event for startup entrepreneurs in Australia. SJ and her team are focused on their clients and they took the time to learn about our business & industry so they could ensure the campaigns they implemented was relevant and successful. It was a pleasure dealing with such a friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team committed to working with us to deliver results.  

Testimonial for King Pixel Digital Marketing

Biela McMillan, Marketing Manager

Sarah-Jane & her team have excellent client management skills and delivered recommendations with patience, progress and clarity.  SJ's exceptional skill in digital marketing, with a particular focus on Facebook pixel applications, was perfectly tailored to Renew Adelaide's mission of lead generation, finding startup tenants for building vacancies. Sarah-Jane and her team are experienced in all facets of marketing and digital marketing practices.  

Testimonial for King Pixel Digital Marketing

Rachael Turner, Managing Director

Sarah-Jane I just want to say I’m so grateful for the work you and the King Pixel team have done to facilitate our first webinar. At first thought this was almost too overwhelming for me to even contemplate but you have supported me every step of the way to the point where all I will need to do is turn up and give the presentation! Not only that, you have turned this around so fast that I didn’t even have time to make an excuse as to why it was all too hard to do! You have had a significant impact on my business (Lucent Advisory) and me personally, thank you!

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Sarah-Jane Picton-King of King Pixel Digital Marketing | Marketing Agency | Advertising Agency
Sarah-Jane Picton-King of King Pixel Digital Marketing | Marketing Agency | Advertising Agency
Sarah-Jane Picton-King of King Pixel Digital Marketing | Marketing Agency | Advertising Agency
Sarah-Jane Picton-King of King Pixel Digital Marketing | Marketing Agency | Advertising Agency



Founded by Sarah-Jane Picton-King, an award-winning marketer in the retail sector, Since 2017 King Pixel has helped retail, fashion, clinic, hospitality, winery and B2B businesses grow with digital marketing.


With a decade of experience with retail and shopping centre giants Westfield, Myer Centre, Brand Direct Outlets and neighbourhood precinct groups, there isn't a category of business to consumer retail we haven't helped drive sales for.

Sarah-Jane Picton-King of King Pixel Digital Marketing | Marketing Agency | Advertising Agency