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Shopify (or equivalent) plus email and SMS automation

At King Pixel we help eCommerce brands build and scale profitable online stores.  We do this through paid Social Media Ads on Facebook and Instagram plus Google Shopping, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest and more.  Plus we combine this with automated Klaviyo email follow up funnels. 


What are follow up email funnels? 


It's simply the follow up and retention email strategy attached to your eCommerce website. Take advantage of every website customer AND every website visitor in browse and research mode or not ready to purchase yet. 


Vastly increase the number of customers who shop and retain a loyal, repeat customer base with our proven automated email funnel strategy. 


You won't leave anything behind in your shopping cart again, not to mention automatically upsell, cross sell and build reviews on auto pilot like magic.


We also offer high converting Shopify website design services if you're starting from scratch.

Have you build your own online store but it's crickets attracting visitors and sales?

Have you tried to run Facebook or Instagram or Google Ads but are spending more on ads than you are making back in sales?

If you want to see your eCommerce website firing then work with us at King Pixel. 

We work on and recommend the Shopify platform, however, universal eComm marketing funnel strategy can be applied to any eComm platform of choice. 

Advanced automated Messenger strategy for Shopify 

Digital marketing is turning old school with a deep focus on below-the-line or what you may call back-end tactics.

Build your list!  


Not only on sophisticated email tools such as Klaviyo, but on Messenger / SMS too.

Now more than ever you need to work with a marketing partner that’s the whole deal.  Who’s got skin in the game from holistic traditional marketing experience coupled with the digital marketing nous of the new normal.

Want to know what strategy will set you apart in a post iOS14 world?

Would you like to be one of the first to access the most sophisticated pre and post purchase automated Messenger Bot for Shopify websites in the globe?

Transform your e-Comm business with the A.I powered Messenger chatbot solution built purposely for Shopify.  


One Messenger bot does it all with 186 automated flows. 💪

Answer FAQs on autopilot, send real-time order updates via Messenger, distribute discount codes, generate reviews and user generated content, and increase repeat purchases all while you work ON your business rather than in it. 

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