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Klaviyo email automation setup service

King Pixel launches Klaviyo email automation setup service for women e-commerce owners

A done-for-you service to automate email and SMS marketing strategies, giving time back to store owners.

Klaviyo is the gold star standard in email marketing software specifically designed for eCommerce stores. It offers a range of features that are geared toward helping store owners drive more sales and conversions through their email and SMS campaigns. Klaviyo also integrates with a number of popular eCommerce platforms, making it easy to set up and use.

What makes Klaviyo a better choice than other email marketing software is its focus on data. Klaviyo collects data from your store and uses it to build detailed customer profiles. This allows you to segment your list and send highly targeted, personalized messages that are more likely to convert. Klaviyo also has a number of powerful automation features that can save you time and help you increase sales.

The most effective automation flows can be split between the pre-purchase stage and the post-purchase stage of the online shopping journey. The essential flow strategies include; Welcome flows that are much more than simply delivering a first-time discount to shoppers, browse abandonment, checkout abandonment, automatic back-in-stock notifications, customer thank yous, asking for reviews and cross-selling other product ranges, and automated win back flows.

King Pixel founder, Sarah-Jane Picton-King, noticed that there is a prevalence of many eCommerce stores using generalist email marketing systems, not fit for the purpose of eCommerce automation. Women business owners and marketing leaders may be familiar with the promotion lead software programs, however, they could be leaving thousands on the table of uncaptured revenue by omitting the use of advanced automation.

Design heavy email content with a high HTML ratio, and a low plain text ratio can hinder email deliverability too. There are many other aspects of email marketing delivery that can be improved so that the effort that goes into email marketing has maximum opportunity to provide a return to eCommerce stores by sending emails and SMSs to engaged audiences that want to receive them and less marketing communications heading straight to spam.

About King Pixel Digital Marketing

SJ and the King Pixel team specialize in offering a range of e-commerce marketing services to women lead or women-focused stores. Services include paid social media advertising, Google advertising, SEO and email marketing services. King Pixel is a Klaviyo agency partner.


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