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Why machine learning ad platforms level the playing field

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Come along to this session to learn the ins and outs of the Facebook B.EA.R algorithm, breaking down how each impacts your score and competitiveness in the ad auction process. Learn about Power 5 and why account simplification is crushing results right now. What to do if you can't get out of the Learning Limited phase? Sarah-Jane will be covering that off too. Plus uncover how the Facebook pros from around the globe are working around the evolving changes with iOS14.

So if you want to learn how to use Facebook ads effectively or if you want to pick up a few advanced tips, head along to the next DMMA session in Adelaide and hear from SJPK.

About the Presenter:

Sarah-Jane Picton-King, Founder & Principal Marketing Consultant, King Pixel Digital Marketing Sarah-Jane Picton-King (or otherwise known as SJPK) is an award winning retail marketer turned Facebook Ads obsessed.

After a decade helping ‘big corporate’ brands grow in the retail sector in marketing leadership positions for national and international brands such as Westfield, Myer Centre and Oxfam, she hit a road block where no matter how much of a traditional marketing budget she had, it seemed impossible to hit the growth targets needed.

So SJ went on a mission to learn how the ‘digital marketing gurus’ were achieving the huge results she’d seen all over the internet.

And soon discovered the power of the mighty Facebook algorithm and harnessing machine learning for lead generation and sales, mastering funnel methodology for social media ads that consistently give back positive ROI for advertising invested.

Fast forward to today, SJPK is an expert social media marketer leveraging paid Facebook and Instagram ads with funnel strategies and online funnel journeys that engage your market creating desire and persuading your potential customers that ultimately turn them into raving fans.

Totally obsessed with harnessing machine learning and ‘cracking the online marketing funnel’, coupled with a traditional marketing career in brand strategy and marketing psychology, SJPK will share with you the three secrets to achieving huge results harnessing the power of the Facebook algorithm with paid social advertising and customer journey strategy.


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