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With the removal of viewable likes on Instagram is it time to rethink the influencer strategy?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

With the removal of publicaly viewable likes to gain 'social proof' for your brand it may be time to revisit your influencer strategy. Engaging an exclusive brand ambassador partnership with a celebrity or influencer for a long term period with agreed deliverables can help to build trust and authority with a target market.

Strong strategic alignment and values fit with your brand are important. Alternatively, you could look at engaging influencers as a source of professional content creation. You can arrange the usage rights to repurpose the content they produce promoting your brand on your other owned, earned or paid channels.

Other strategies include thinking hyper-targeted and using ‘micro-influencers’ who have a small but highly engaged following, that again is the right strategic fit for your brand.

And the number of 'micro-influencers' that you work with matters too.

Ideally, create a list of the top 100 influencers that already have an audience of your dream customers. Forming a relationship with your 'dream 100' and regularly engaging and communitating with this audience will pay dividens if you are consistent, authentic and have a product or service that genuinely helps the influencer's follower base.

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