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Shopify stores, here’s what you can do about your ad performance.

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

You've put your heart and soul into launching your Shopify store.

FB and Insta Ads have been GOD like, achieving your sales and measuring returns on advertising spend down to the dollar and in REAL-TIME like MAGIC!

The iOS14 software updates from Apple™ change all that...

The way the mighty Facebook™ finds you sales from social media advertising, cross-domain tracking, and sharing data back to your ad account pixel is changing forever...

🎙If you're worried about the changes coming to the power of Facebook™ ads, then listen up!

Digital marketing is turning old school with a deep focus on below-the-line or what you may call back-end tactics.

Build your list! Not only on sophisticated email tools such as Klaviyo, but on Messenger / SMS too.

Now more than ever you need to work with a marketing partner that’s the whole deal. Who’s got skin in the game from holistic traditional marketing experience coupled with the digital marketing nous of the new normal.

Want to know what strategy will set you apart for 2021?

Would you like to be one of the first to access the most sophisticated pre and post purchase automated Messenger Bot for Shopify websites from around the globe?

Transform your e-Comm business with the A.I powered Messenger chatbot solution built purposely for Shopify. One Messenger bot does it all with 186 automated flows. 💪

Answer FAQs on autopilot, drive sales, send real-time order updates via Messenger, offer customer chat support distribute coupon codes, generate reviews, and increase repeat purchases … all while you work ON your business rather than in it.

And have it SET UP FOR YOU FOR FREE.....

💡 Click the link below to apply for a pro bono opportunity. We’re looking for three Shopify stores to partner with and will set up the advanced chatbot solution for free. ❤

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