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How to use Facebook ‘Click to Call’ ads.

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Operating a restaurant is hard. It involves long hours every day, so it’s important that when you spend money on advertising, that you see results.

It this article we will look at:

- What a Facebook ‘Click to Call’ ad is

- How they can help your restaurant get more bookings

- How to create your own ‘Click to Call’ Facebook ad.

With so many users on Facebook each and every day, this is a channel that you can definitely reach your customers. They are connecting with friends, scoping out cafés, restaurants and places to go on the weekend…and… booking into venues. It’s super important that as a restaurant, you make it as easy as possible for people to find you and book in. This is where Facebook ‘Click to Call’ ads come in.

What is a Facebook ‘Click to Call’ ad?

A Facebook ‘Click to Call’ ad is exactly how it sounds. An ad that is promoting people to take action and directly call using their mobile device to make a booking.

When a user clicks the ‘Click to Call’ (CALL NOW) button the phone number appears with an option to click ‘call’ immediately, driving people to instantly make that call to your restaurant, straight from Facebook.

How can Facebook ‘Click to Call’ ads help your restaurant get more bookings?

People love food, people love to eat, and people love to go to restaurants. Those people are on Facebook. More and more Facebook users are using the platform to find new restaurants. A great way to find these people is through targeted ads on Facebook.

- More than 1.5 billion active users daily access Facebook mobile

- Users spend approximately 30 mins per day on Facebook

Using geo-targeting to find a specific local audience who are ready to eat, ready to book and by using ‘Click to Call’ ads, it’s making it easier than ever for customers to directly call your restaurant. Using Facebook analytics and insights tools with the Facebook Ads Manager will allow you to track user engagement and click-throughs, this married with the physical calls that come through and bookings made, will help you to gauge the success of these ads.

Now it’s time to get creative, use some beautiful imagery, use a special offer to help entice people further and make an ad that people will ‘Click to Call’.

How to create your own ‘Click to Call’ Facebook ad:

We recommend that as a business, you have a Facebook Business Manager account. This is the advanced ‘control centre’ where ad campaigns are programmed from.

Once you’re in the backend of your Facebook Business Manager, go to the ‘Ads Manager’ section. Click ‘Create new campaign’. Choose your objective as ‘Reach’, then continue.

This will move into the Ad Set section where you can select your budget & schedule, target your audience and choose your placements.

In the ‘Placement’ section, make sure to select ‘manual placements’, so that you can go to ‘Devices’ click to dropdown and unmark ‘Desktop’, as you want your ads to target people when they are using their mobile device.

Now is the time to get creative with your ad.

Use a great headline to encourage action and ‘Click to Call’. This could include a special offer, discounted meal or a FREE gift on arrival when you book.

Use a striking image. This could be a selection of food, a happy customer enjoying their experience or a staff member taking out food.

In the ‘Call to Action’ section, make sure to select ‘Call Now’ and add the chosen phone number you would like users to make their booking with. Publish your ad and get ready for your phone to ring.

Once your ‘Click to Call’ ad is running, Facebook and Instagram users within your target audience will be served your ad and will be able to call your restaurant easily and directly to make a booking. There has also been a recent update to Facebook ads, allowing users to target a more highly qualified audience using the ‘Traffic’ objective.

This objective will cost a bit more, but the outcome is more targeted, more qualified and more likely to covert.

So, if you have a restaurant and want to learn more about how this type of Facebook advertising will benefit you, I’m offering a FREE discovery strategy session where you can learn more.


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