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Learn eCommerce Marketing with the eCommerce Starter System

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Does any of this sound familiar? It's been a rocky and unpredictable time closing your physical store for short periods. You've realised you're behind the game when it comes to eCommerce as a sales channel as you've always focused your efforts on customers in-store and organic social media content.

Or you've got a social media presence but sales performance is just so unpredictable. It's been hit and miss with actual sales from your posts, plenty of likes, and love for your range though!

Or you've worked with influencers before but none or maybe a few sales came from it. Not the return from what you paid them or even worth the value of the garments gifted. Now they've deleted the posts off their feed entirely and you're not allowed to use the content they produced!

Or you've boosted posts before but it did nothing..... The ads you see on social media must be from brands that have huge budgets! How can they afford it ?!? When you boost posts, it's dismal!

Or you've run some paid campaigns before, but now they're not working.... What's happened? It's all getting too technical for you and you can't keep up with all the changes, errors, and warnings. iOS14 what? Verifying domain names. Argh?! Conversion API connections? Eek! Setting event tracking orders of importance? So confusing! Is this speaking another language?

But what if...

There was a proven path. A formula to follow that takes all the guess work out of driving sales online. A step-by-step video module and online course that shows you the exact steps to take to drive fashion sales with eCommerce marketing principles. You could triple your business in three months following the path for eCommerce marketing success. Designed if you are starting from scratch with no eCommerce website yet - or you are just getting going, you have a shoppable website, but you're not happy with the volume of sales.


The eCommerce Starter System - a step-by-step marketing strategy for eCommerce growth

Designed by King Pixel Digital Marketing, a specialist agency focusing on helping women business owners who are in the early phase of their eCommerce journey.


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