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How we drove CPA down to $10 for this ecomm brand (in under 30 days!)

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I know you may think running paid social media ads is a waste of time and money... But can you relate to this story?

It's late March 2020...

Every day less and less people are venturing out in your local area.

Panic is setting in.

You've had to let your casual staff go...

The government's called it. Stay home to stop the spread. Consumer confidence is all but a distant memory.

With a heavy heart, you've temporarily closed your store.

You've done the right thing. You closed and watched the developments roll in on the news.

You've got a website (or don't have one at all). But sales orders are sporadic. The online channel used to make up 5% of your sales at best...

Now it's your lifeline to keep you going during these strange times.

It's safe to open the doors again, but the foot traffic is gone. It's nowhere to be seen.

You've never really needed to PAY for Social Media exposure before. Tagging away, influencer collabs and sharing user-generated content seemed to do the trick.

But now you need the online channel to REALLY perform to make up what you used to turnover.

It's time to press the boost button on your content...

Wait. What? What's this thing called the pixel, why do I need a privacy policy and how do I get my ads to follow you online?

Now, more than ever we all need a little help to get sales momentum going again…

You could sit back and just see what happens when your market returns from pandemic lockdown...

Or... you could be prepared like front row for the opening of Boxing Day sales!

This business has improved sales through social media advertising and you can too.

"I've always been good at engagement with my audience.

But all my creative efforts with social media posts weren't helping me make sales from my website.

I've done a few courses and played around with Facebook ads but I soon realised likes don't convert to sales!

I've recently seen the power of social media advertising from working with Sarah-Jane from King Pixel.

Now that I've got great ecomm foundations in place, I'm so excited to advertise my brand globally, enter new markets and bring in the sales!!" Lisa Penney, Hey Reflect'o

We’ve worked with hundreds of emerging brands over the last decade and with major retail and shopping centre giants such as Westfield, Myer Centre, Brand Direct Outlets and neighbourhood precinct groups. There isn't a category of retail we haven't helped drive sales for.

Click the link below to find out how we drove cost per acquisition down to $10 for this ecomm brand (in under 30 days!)

Image by photographer @morgansette


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