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The startup story of King Pixel

Here's the story of how I started King Pixel...

I had been in marketing for about 15 years in a number of 'big corporate' roles. Fortunately marketing brands that had substantial budgets and were established national or global brands.

I was heading up a marketing team for a global brand’s Australian operations and inherited a strategic plan that had some pretty lofty growth goals.

I really wanted to hit these results and prove my worth in this new role as the head of marketing.

I had to develop a marketing plan that was going to hit these lofty targets.

I was feeling like I wasn't across all the latest marketing strategies being in a leadership position. I felt like an inadequate marketer that was ‘off the tools’.

Maybe I didn't have all the answers after all…

I had marketing resources and a decent budget at my disposal. But the organisation was used to and expecting traditional tactics. I knew brand marketing wouldn't be able to meet the growth goal expectations with old-fashioned methods.

Then it hit me.

I needed to learn how all these 'digital marketing gurus' were achieving huge results. I kept on seeing examples of big return on advertising spend all over the internet, and I was puzzled.

How the hell are they pulling this off?

So then I stayed up night after night devouring online courses, webinars, blogs, videos, case studies; EVERYTHING I COULD GET MY HANDS ON from my kitchen table. Bleary eyed, all after a day at my stressful 'traditional marketing job' and my partner constantly asking, "when are you coming to bed, come on that's enough work for tonight". "Just one more module", I said in reply rubbing my temples and with my eyes aching from too much screen time.

I started experimenting with paid social media; at first my results weren't that great… OMG, this is so much harder that it seems. WTF, why are conversions for a custom conversion better than a 'traffic' objective. And back then integrations weren't so readily available so my team and I had to think of a way to integrate with existing organisational technology to have any chance of tracking the results.

And then it clicked... I had figured out the strategy!

After months of trial and error, and thousands in ad spend, I had mastered a funnel methodology using social media ads that consistently gave back profitable returns on advertising spend.

So fast forward to today, I am an expert social media marketer leveraging paid Facebook and Instagram ads and funnel landing pages, eComm websites and lead generation email nurturing.

I’m totally obsessed with harnessing machine learning and ‘cracking the online marketing funnel’.

Coupled with my traditional marketing career in brand strategy, and marketing psychology, I am now smashing results for clients using these skills.



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